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Personal Training & Classes

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Personal Training

Strength, Performance & Fitness

I offer all my clients bespoke programming and 121 coaching by following a holistic approach. I take pride in helping you look and feel your best.

Through strength and conditioning, you will learn how to move efficiently by practicing safe and proper technique, while gaining strength and power. We will work together to achieve your goals, whether you want to exercise for mental health benefits, loose body fat or prepare for a specific event. 

Get in touch if you want trustworthy, professional and friendly personal training.​



Outdoor Post-natal Exercise Class

Enjoy an outdoor workout whatever the weather, with your little one by your side. Build up a sweat with heart raising exercises designed to improve cardiovascular & muscular fitness. BuggyFit exercises help strengthen specific areas to assist with the demands of motherhood - I want you to feel strong and pain free when picking up, carrying and playing with your baby.

Young Moms Staying Fit


Indoor Post-Natal Exercise Class

Post-natal exercise class for mumma's & babies. Safe & effective exercise designed to combat common postpartum challenges. Changes like diastasis recti & incontinence are common, but don't have to be your new normal. Classes are post-natal friendly with specific exercises targeted to develop strength & fitness. Mums will be guided through a safe & effective full-body workout to help activate muscles, mobilise joints & rebuild strength.

MummaFit understands the importance of efficient & functional movement, that's why you'll build a solid foundation by safely rebuilding your core and pelvic floor. You'll soon be fit to run around after your little one!

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Pre-Natal Personal Training

Pre & Post-Natal Exercise Specialist

Guidelines on pre-natal exercise have dramatically changed over the years, we now understand the importance of safe exercise for both mum & baby. Keeping active can help with aches & pains, benefit us mentally, assist in recovery & prepare us for the demands of motherhood. 

1-2-1 coaching with a qualified ante & post-natal trainer allows you to feel confident. I will guide you through your bespoke programme throughout these precious months, so you will feel safe knowing every session is tailor made for you.

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Post-Natal Personal Training

Pre & Post-Natal Exercise Specialist

You are post-natal for the rest of your life. Whether you are the new Mumma who cannot wait to exercise again or the Mumma for 5+ years wanting to come back to exercise, I'm here to help you achieve your goals. 

Your body has grown, stretched & birthed your baby in a matter of months. It is important to respect the incredible changes it has gone through, we do this by safely building the foundations of a better functioning core & pelvic floor, before progressive load & overall strength work. 1-2-1 coaching better prepares you to reach your specific goal. 

Finding time for yourself can be tricky as a mother, that’s why I can come to you in the comfort of your own home or to your local park. Workout with your little one or while they nap, feel relaxed knowing you can workout with a professional without the stress of childcare.

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