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My friends and I are so pleased to have found Adela through her BuggyFit sessions. They have been a great way to get back into activity since having my daughter. Her sessions are friendly and fun but I always also feel the difference after each class! It was an easy decision to sign up to PT sessions too. Each session is varied and tailored to me and she motivates me to achieve my goals. She knows all about health and fitness but also all about what it’s like to be a new parent! Thank you Adela!


Adela was an absolutely fantastic trainer. Whenever I couldn't do anymore, she pushed, but in a supportive & kind way, which was really helpful & managed to keep me going. Adela made exercise fun & exciting. Each session had a clear plan & I always understood why I was doing each exercise. I achieved goals that Adela made me believe were achievable.


The real difference was having someone on my side, knowing how best to help me, getting me through the tough parts, cheering me on at every turn. Every milestone is a celebration. Every achievement is jointly shared. Adela is the personal in personal trainer. I love her to bits for what she does and the huge difference she's made to my life.


Training with Adela has been very educational and worthwhile. Before covid I used to do a lot of group sports and have always found training independently to be boring. Consequently my fitness and strength suffered through covid with limited options and repetitive exercises. I was worried about returning to the same sports and started training with Adela to ‘shake things up’ and get motivated. Adela’s training plan pushed me to achieve a new level of strength and help me regain my fitness. Her attention to detail allowed me to improve on my technique and learn completely new exercises and techniques I would previously not have the confidence to try.


Adela gave me a lot of support, I am now confident! Adela made me feel comfortable & worked hard with me to get me to achieve my goals. A friendly & kind lady, but will push you to your limit, & knows when you are capable of more. If you're serious about your goals, I would highly recommend Adela.


Truly passionate about what she does. I enjoy every class and session.


I am so happy to have met Adela. She has not only helped me towards my body goals but also to feel much more confident in the gym. She always has a smile on her face and makes exercising fun. Adela  was always there to push me through goals I never thought I could achieve when I first started. I can't wait to work together again in the future! Thank you Adela!


Training with Adela is absolutely thrilling. She’s fun to train with and to have around. She pushes me to my limits and supports me in achieving my body goals. Since I’ve started training with her I’ve felt stronger and more in control of my body. If you’re looking for someone who understands your needs and cater to them. Adela is your trainer


I went to the buggyfit classes Adela runs at Florence Park and I can't recommend them enough!! She lets you train at your pace, if baby needs attention or to be picked up she helps adapt the exercise to you, and getting out in the fresh air with other mums was exactly what I needed each week. Thank you so much Adela!


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